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Samples water from saturated and unsaturated soils. Easy installation and sample retrieval. Requires no maintenance. Ideal for nitrate monitoring. This range of 48mm diameter soil water samplers can be installed either above or below the water table. They are designed to collect soil water which can then be extracted from the device and taken to the laboratory for analysis. The sampler is installed into a hole made with a screw or bucket auger. A negative pressure of up to 85 centibars is applied to the tube using a hand pump. Water enters the sampler through the porous ceramic cup at the end of the sampler. Water samples can then be collected as required using a syringe. The rate of water accumulation depends on the soil type and moisture content. Nitrate leaching from fertilizer applications can be monitored simply and effectively using this method.

Model No. Desc
450-060/12 Stopper assembly
450-066 Universal Extraction Kit
450-060/10 Nylon Tube
450-062 Soil Water Sampler - 60 cm x 48 mm
450-064 Soil Water Sampler - 90 cm x 48 mm
450-060 Soil Water Sampler - 30 cm x 48 mm

No weighing required. Safe and accurate to use. Consistency of test results. No storage or shipping hazards. Our range of soil test kits enables people without access to normal laboratory facilities to obtain accurate information about the nutrient status of a soil sample. The tests are based on a system which uses reagents compressed into stable tablet form. The tests are conducted without the intricacies of weighing out chemicals or dispensing liquid reagents. Applications include soil classification, identification of nutrient deficiencies, routine soil analysis, field and educational uses.

Model No. pH Test Lime Nitrate Phosphate Potassium Calcium Magnesium Conductivity Complete
513-024 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
513-018 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes -
513-012 Yes Yes - - - - - - -
513-016 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes - - - -
513-019 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes -

Tensiometers are used to measure soil tension, which is directly related to the amount of soil moisture available to plants. Capillarity is established between the waterfilled tensiometers and the soil water via a ceramic cup or tip. As soil water tension increases, water is drawn by suction from the tensiometer and the negative pressure created, which is representative of soil tension, may be read from a vacuum gauge.

Model No. T. Type Length, mm Desc
514-020/11 - - Screw-top porous ceramic cup
514-010 Quickdraw 305 mm Soil moisture probe
514-010/12 - - Dial Gauge
514-012 Quickdraw 460 mm Soil moisture probe
514-020 Dial-Type 300 mm Gauge Tensiometer
514-020/13 - - -
514-021 Dial-Type 450 mm Gauge Tensiometer
514-022 Dial-Type 600 mm Gauge Tensiometer
514-024 Dial-Type 900 mm Gauge Tensiometer
514-030 - - Insertion Tool
514-034 - - Service Kit
514-035 Jet Fill 150 mm -
514-036 Jet Fill 300 mm Tensiometer
514-037 Jet Fill 460 mm Tensiometer
514-038 Jet Fill 600 mm Tensiometer
514-040 Jet Fill 900 mm Tensiometer
514-041 Jet Fill 1220 mm Tensiometer
514-042 - 1524 mm Tensiometer Extension Tube

The pressure plate apparatus is used to determine soil water retention and suctions greater than 0.4 bar. The apparatus consists of strongly built metal chambers containing one or more ceramic plates onto which uniform soil samples are placed. Having attained maximum moisture retention (field capacity) the samples within the cells are then subjected to controlled positive air pressures and water is gradually removed. By careful control of pressure, the various equilibrium conditions of pressure and soil water tension or suction, are obtained. The air pressure is provided either from a compressor, compressed air bottle, or nitrogen bottle; but must always be routed through a manifold having pressure regulators and gauges. This versatile apparatus can be used for a variety of determinations; available water capacity, water retentivity, hydraulic conductivity, and field capacity. Results have a variety of practical applications; soil classification and soil survey, the optimisation of irrigation and drainage in improving crop yields, and the calibration of soil water measuring apparatus for field use.

Model No. Desc
532-100/10 O-Ring Lid Seal
532-182 Connection Set
532-180/01 Compressor
532-126 Electrical lead through
532-120/16 Plug bolts with seal
532-110 Low Pressure Manifold
532-128 Low to High Pressure Manifold
532-136 Combination Manifold
532-124 15 bar ceramic cup
532-100 5-Bar Pressure Plate Extractor
532-104 1-Bar Pressure Plate Cell
532-106 3-Bar Pressure Plate Cell
532-107 5-Bar Pressure Plate Cell
532-108 Soil Sample Retaining Rings
532-120 15-Bar Pressure Plate Extractor
532-120/10 5-Bar Pressure Plate Cell
532-120/12 Right angle outflow adapter kit
532-120/14 Outflow tube assembly with seal
532-111 Hose Manifold to 5 Bar Extractor
532-112 Hose Manifold to 15 Bar Extractor