The soundness of cement and hydrated lime is of particular importance. It is essential that once hardened the paste does not undergo a large change in volume.

The soundness of cements and limes can be determined by an expansion test using Le Chatelier Moulds. The method of curing lime differs from that of cements, lime being cured in a steam tank and cements in a water bath. The ASTM method uses a high-pressure steam vessel (Autoclave) to cure the specimens.

Specimens are cured in a high-pressure steam vessel and the change in specimen length is determined using Drying, Shrinkage and Moisture Movement Apparatus. The Autoclave provides high pressure steam curing of the specimens. The unit conforms to the requirements of ASTM. Supplied complete with safety valve, pressure gauge and thermostat controlled heater unit.

Special Note:
This unit draws a current of 20 amps.

Model No. Desc
38-3900/01 Autoclave

The Heat of Hydration Apparatus is manufactured to the requirements specified in BS 4550. It comprises a Dewar flask, an internally lagged case, a constant speed electric stirrer, filler funnel and a Beckman-type thermometer complete with reader.

Model No. Desc
38-4600/01 Heat of Hydration Apparatus
38-4600/10 Dewar Flask
38-4600/13 Glass Paddle for Stirrer
38-4600/15 Digital Thermometer and Probe for 0.001 Dec C Resolution
38-4600/16 Digital Thermometer and Probe for 0.01 Dec C Resolution