• New Touch Screen user interface to reduce set-up and training time.
• High accuracy and test repeatability.
• Automatic stress calculation and display.
• USB Data download to PC.
• RS-232C printer communication port.
• Solid steel side member construction.
• Front and rear safety guards provided as standard.
• Meets ASTM and AASHTO specifications.
• Adaptable, using a wide range of accessories.
• Rapid-change platen mounting system.

For testing a wide range of concrete specimens, the ACCU-TEK TOUCH™ 350 Series compression tester provides the ruggedness of solid steel frame construction with the microprocessor technology of the ELE ADR Touch touch screen controller system. The compact single unit design consists of a heavy duty 350,000 lbf. (1,555 kN) capacity load frame, hydraulic pump and digital readout system.

The 11.5” (292 mm) wide day light opening of the frame provides accessibility and convenience for placing specimens. Front and rear safety guards are supplied as standard. The rapid-change platen system facilitates mounting accessories to the upper crosshead. A wide range of accessories is available for cylinder, cube, beam, and block specimen testing – from 2” (50 mm) cubes to 10” (254 mm) blocks.

Accu-Tek Touch 350 Series 220V/50Hz

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Accu-Tek Touch 350 Series 110V/60Hz

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Accu-Tek Touch 350 Series 220V/60Hz

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Platen Set for 6" x 12" Concrete Cylinders

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Platen Set 3" x 6" Concrete Cylinders

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Platen Set for 2" Cubes

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Pedestal for Testing 4" x 8" Cylinders

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Ram Seal

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Accutek Oil

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Frame Stand

Frame Stand for Accu-Tek 350 and 500 series compression machines.

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Accu-Tek Touch 350 Compression Machine 110V/60Hz

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Platen Set for Blocks up to 10"

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