• 250 psi (1,700 kPa) capacity range.
• LCD display with tare, reset and peak hold functions.
• Swivel handle assembly for easy transport and viewing angle adjustment.
• Supplied complete with de-airing block assembly and fittings for use on ELE/Soiltest triaxial or permeability test cell.

The accurate monitoring and measurement of pore water pressures within a test specimen are necessary during effective stress triaxial tests, or for determining the level of saturation (“B” parameter) during the saturation stages of triaxial and permeability testing.

The Digital Pressure Gauge has been specifically designed to meet these accurate measurement requirements. The readout features a bright LCD display that updates twice every second. Each system is supplied complete with a highly stable pressure gauge with de-airing block assembly for fast connection to any ELE/Soiltest triaxial or permeability test cell.

Digital Pressure Gauge for Tri-Flex 2 and Permeability Cells

For use with Tri-Flex 2 Triaxial and Permeability Cells

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Digital Pressure Gauge 1700Kpa. for Ele Triaxial Cells.

For ELE Triaxial Cells. The Digital Pressure Gauge offers highly accurate pressure measurement and digital readout for ELE triaxial cells.

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