Our list of current Kjedahl apparatus products are listed below. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will try our best to help you.

Digestion Unit 8 place, semi-auto c/w block,rack, heat shield, exhaust,

Supplied with digestion block, carrying rack with heat shield, exhaust system, two-tier console, instruction manual and 8 digestion tubes, 250 ml, 300 x 42 mm.

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Automatic distillation unit 220-240V 50/60Hz 1ph

• Fully automatic steam generator.
• Electronic control of steam pressure and water level.
• Programmable, utilising miroprocessor control.

This distillation unit is fully automatic with full microprocessor control. The operator has only to insert the digestion tube and the distillate receiver vessel.

The control display is a back-lit LCD with 2 x 16 character lines. Information is entered via the touch sensitive keypad which has numerical characters for entering distillation program parameters, and manual function keys to activate the chemical addition pumps and for programming.

There are 10 programmes with 0-8 for Kjeldahl and associated distillations and 9 for alternative distillation work. Each of the programmes have the following variables entered in sequence. All the programme steps are controlled by time with chemical addition pumps having a known flow rate of 13 ml/second.

The unit is divided into 4 chambers, distillation, instrumentation, steam generation and chemical pumps, for maximum protection of the various components. All the functions of the unit are monitored and errors are displayed on the character display.

This unit has a manual end point titration.

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Digestion Unit 20 Place Semi-Auto C/W Block Rack Heat Shield Exhaust Console & 250ml Tubes

Supplied with digestion block, carrying rack with heat shield, exhaust system, two-tier console, instruction manual and 20 digestion tubes, 250 ml, 300 x 42 mm.

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Turbosog Fume Ccrubber 220-240V 50/60Hz 1ph

• Compact and space saving.
• Corrosion proof and maintenance free.
• Efficient, with low operating costs.

The Turbosog is specially designed for the complete removal of fumes from both Kjeldahl and other inorganic acid digestions. It shows Kjeldahl digestions to be performed outisde the fume cupboard on the open bench.

The fume scrubber consists of two separate parts, the Pre-separator and the Turbosog. The Pre-separator consists of two glass bottles in line between the exhaust manifold and the Turbosog. The first bottle acts as a condensate trap collecting moisture from the digestion of both water and H2SO4. The second bottle contains a neutralizing solution which removes over 90% of the acid fumes.

The Turbosog is a centrifugal suction pump which pulls the reduced fumes and air flow through an inlet pipe into a water reservoir. A magnetic valve restricts water flow to a maximum of 50 litres per hour. The water level is kept constant as the unit empties by displacement. Any residual fumes are diluted and expelled with the waste water.

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Digestion Tube Macro 250Ml

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Spare Parts Kit for 525-380/01 for 2 Years Operation.

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