Construction materials testing laboratories should be equipped with all of the accessories and consumables for conducting the required tests. Not least because any delay in testing can result in a costly delay in a building project. However, the cost of this equipment is negligible in comparison with project costs so it makes sense to ensure that sufficient stock is in place, both before and during the construction project.


A construction materials testing laboratory represents a potentially harsh environment for laboratory equipment, so it is important that the specified equipment is fit for use. ELE International therefore only supplies robust, high-quality equipment that is suitable for the demands of a materials testing laboratory.

Typically, lists of general laboratory equipment include sample handling and preparation equipment in addition to the general items that are necessary for everyday work. Electrical items include balances, ovens, sieves, shakers, stirrers, vacuum pumps, furnaces, water baths, water stills, thermometers, compressors etc. General hardware includes items such as spatulas, filters and safety equipment, and the required plastic and glassware would include flasks, beakers, bottles, measuring cylinders, pipettes etc. Chemicals and reference materials are also necessary.

ELE is able to provide complete equipment lists to meet the requirements of international standard test methods.