Pistol Grip Infrared Thermometers

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• Point and shoot with instant results.
• LCD backlit display.
• Selectable display in F° and C°.
• Maximum temperature display.
• Uses red laser to sight material.

Model No. Desc
88-4400 Pistol-Grip Infrared Thermometer

Digital Thermometers

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• Selectable display in F° and C°.
• Uses thermocouple probes.
• Waterproof enclosure.
• LCD backlit display.
• Calibrated with standards traceable to NIST.

This economical Digital Thermometer features sealed membrane switches for high durability and easy usage. Due to the design of the switches, this thermometer is more immune to moisture, dirt, or damage from dropping. At the push of a button turn the instrument on or off, or switch the reading between °F and °C. A thermocouple probe is required for operation and must be ordered separately.

Model No. Desc
88-4420/12 Heavy-Duty Needle Probe
88-4420/14 Surface Temperature Probe
88-4420 Digital Thermometer

Pocket Dial Thermometers

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• Convenient pocket size design.
• Corrosion-resistant stainless steel stem and dial case.
• Supplied complete with pocket case and clip.
• Available in Fahrenheit or Celsius models.

Model No. Desc
88-4460 Pocket Dial Thermometer, -40° to 160°F x 2.0°.
88-4462 Pocket Dial Thermometer, 25° to 125°F x 1.0°.
88-4464 Pocket Dial Thermometer, 0° to 220°F x 2.0°.
88-4466 Pocket Dial Thermometer, 50° to 500°F x 5.0°.
88-4468 Pocket Dial Thermometer, 0° to 250°C x 2.0°.

Armored Thermometers

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• Armored thermometer point.
• Supplied complete with pocket case and clip.
• Ideally suited for use in concrete and asphalt.

Model No. Desc
88-4472NT Armored Thermometer, 20° to 120°F x 1.0°
88-4474 Armored Thermometer, 50° to 440°F x 5.0°

Digital Pocket Thermometers

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• Versatile, wide temperature range.
• Easy reading LCD with 1/10° resolution.
• NIST traceable certificate included.

Model No. Desc
88-4434 Digital Pocket Thermometer

Dual-Scale, Maximum-Minimum Thermometer

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• Compact and lightweight.
• Shows Fahrenheit and Celsius scales simultaneously.
• Registers both high and low readings from last setting.
• Push-button reset.

Model No. Desc
88-4612 Dual-Scale, Maximum-Minimum Thermometer