Rice Test Vibrator

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The Rice Test Vibrator is used with the 2000g Vacuum Pycnometer model No. 45-9310. Adjustable clamps hold the pycnometer securely to the base during vibration. With accessories, the unit can be used on the 6,000g Vacuum Pycnometer.

Model No. Desc
45-9315/12 Filter Flask Attachment
45-9315/01 Rice Test Vibrator 220 - 240 V AC 50 Hz
45-9315/10 6000 gr. Vacuum Pycnometer Attachment
45-9315/02 Rice Test Vibrator 115 V AC 50/60 Hz

Vacuum Pyknometer (6,000 Gram)

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• Large capacity design to minimize segregation effects.
• Lightweight poly carbonate construction.
• Transparent top for visual observations.

The Vacuum Pycnometer is a large capacity unit designed for use in determining the maximum specific gravity of bituminous paving mixtures.

The Pycnometer has a total volume of approximately 10 liters and will conveniently handle samples of 6,000 grams to minimize segregation effects. The unit is constructed of lightweight poly carbonate, with the upper half being transparent for visual observations of the effects of the vacuum.

Model No. Desc
45-9300 Vacuum Pyknometer (6,000 gram)
45-9315/14 Drierite Desiccant
45-9301/14 1/4″ O.D Plastic Tubing

Vacuum Pyknometer (2,000 Gram)

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• Transparent lid for observation of sample.
• Supplied with volumetric lid and vacuum hose.
• Manufactured from strong, lightweight aluminum.

This smaller Vacuum Pycnometer is used in the Rice Test to determine the specific gravity of bituminous paving mixtures with maximum aggregate size up to 3/4” (19.1 mm). This 4.5 liter size will handle a 2,000 gram sample. The transparent lid on the pycnometer allows the operator to observe the bubble release from the asphalt sample during the test. A second volumetric lid, tapered with a capillary bore, is provided so the unit can be used as a volumeter for determining specific gravity of compacted bituminous mixtures. Vacuum is achieved by using the accessory aspirator or laboratory vacuum pump.

Model No. Desc
45-9311 Aspirator Type Filter Pump
45-9315/14 Drierite Desiccant
45-9310 Vacuum Pyknometer (2,000 gram)

Digital Residual Pressure Manometer Non-toxic

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The digital residual pressure manometer is an accurate and non-toxic alternative to Mercury manometers used in the Rice test.

Model No. Desc
45-9330 Residual Pressure Manometer