Investigating the permeability or flow of water through rock subjected to high confining pressures is often necessary. The capacity of a rock mass at depth to transmit or yield water is of particular importance when designing deep structures such as tunnels.

Pair of Permeability End Caps NX supplied with Distance Block

Permeability end caps used with ELE-Hoek Cells and constant pressure systems are a cost-effective solution suited to investigating the permeability of rock at high confining pressures in the laboratory. To collect and measure the water which permeates through the rock specimen, a suitable burette such as 25-4540 is recommended. Each permeability end cap incorporates a tubing connector which accepts standard 6 mm tubing, 26-1926, used to connect the cell to the pressure system and burette.

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Nylon Tubing 6 mm OD x 4 mm ID 3500 Kpa

6 mm outside diameter x 4 mm inside diameter. For use up to a pressure of 3500 kPa. Priced per metre.

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