The analysis of soils by particle size provides a useful engineering classification system from which a considerable amount of empirical data can be obtained. Two separate and different procedures are used. Sieving is used for gravel and sand size particles and sedimentation procedures are used for the finer soils.

Hydrometer Jar Bath

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• Automatic high temperature safety cut-off.
• Stainless steel interior and shelf for rust resistance and long life.
• Removable shelf for easy clean-up.

Accurate hydrometer analysis of a soil specimen requires maintaining the sample in suspension at a constant temperature. The Hydrometer Jar Bath maintains the sample at 20°C ±0.2° (68°F) by circulating water around the hydrometer jars.

Model No. Desc
24-4867/02 Hydrometer Jar Bath 110vAC
24-4867/01 Hydrometer Jar Bath 220vAC

Mechanical Analysis Stirrer download PDF

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• Powerful 3-speed universal motor.
• Stainless steel front panel.
• Includes Mixing Paddle and Dispersion Cup.

This compact, bench-top stirrer is used for dispensing soil samples in water for hydrometer analysis in accordance with ASTM and AASHTO standards.

Model No. Desc
24-4132/01 Mechanical Analysis Stirrer 220-240vAC
24-4132/02 Mechanical Analysis Stirrer 120vAC
24-4132/10 Soil Dispersion Cup
24-4132/11 Mixing Paddle

ASTM Soil Hydrometers

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The series Hydrometer gives consistently accurate readings and eliminates the error due to variable dilution. moulded, seamless construction ensures uniformity of volumetric displacement. With no variations between instruments, these hydrometers never need recalibration.

Model No. Desc
24-4640 Soil Hydrometer 152H
24-4650 Soil Hydrometer 151H

Sodium Hexametaphosphate

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Extensive laboratory research has shown that Sodium Hexametaphosphate is the most effective dispersing agent available. The compound is supplied in 1 lb. (0.45 kg) containers.

Model No. Desc
24-4145 Sodium Hexametaphosphate
4699-0881 Solid Rubber Stopper

Particle Size Analysis Test Set

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The Particle Size Analysis Test Set is a basic set of equipment necessary to perform particle size analysis on soils.

Model No. Desc Voltage
2824/02 Particle Size Analysis Test Set 110 V AC 50/60 Hz
2824/01 Particle Size Analysis Test Set 220 V AC 50/60 Hz

Hydrometer Jar

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• Heavy beaded finish at top rim.
• Calibrated to 1,000 ml at 20°C.

Designed in accordance with ASTM and AASHTO specifications, the jar has a heavy beaded finish on the top.

Model No. Desc
4699-0881 Solid Rubber Stopper
24-4700 Hydrometer sedimentation cylinder

Sand Equivalent Test Set

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• Meets ASTM and AASHTO specifications.
• Metal components plated for long life.
• Includes lightweight plastic carrying case.

The Sand Equivalent Test Set is designed to determine the relative proportion of detrimental fine dust or clay-like material in soils or fine aggregates. Widely used by highway and road laboratories, the test can easily be conducted in both the laboratory and in the field.

Model No. Desc
24-4917 Sand Equivalent Test Set
24-4917/10 Sand Equivalent Cylinder
24-4936 Stock Solution 8 oz.
24-4938 Stock Solution 1 gallon

Sand Equivalent Shaker

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• Solid state timer with 45 second, 10 minute and continuous run cycles.
• No belts to slip or replace.
• Eliminates errors found in hand shaking methods.
• Can be used in Durability Index Test applications.

The Sand Equivalent Shaker is designed to eliminate errors in manual shaking for sand equivalent tests. The unit provides a consistent and repeatable oscillation, eliminating variations from one operator to the next. The shaker can also be used for the Durability Index Test.

Model No. Desc
24-4949/02 Sand Equivalent Shaker
24-4917/10 Sand Equivalent Cylinder