Our list of current Moisture meters products are listed below. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will try our best to help you.

Protimeter Grainmaster Moisture Meter with 15 Pre-Programmed Crop Calibrations.

• Microprocessor controlled.
• Automatic temperature compensation.
• Instant LCD readings for many crops.
• Temperature measurement facilities.

A completely portable unit suited to in-store or field use. Incorporates instant digital-readout of moisture content and automatic temperature compensation for rapid and accurate moisture determinations.

The simple 4 stage operation takes less than a minute per sample:

• Insert the program key for the crop to be tested.
• Place grinder over sample cell and grind sample.
• Compress the sample.
• Press "ON" switch and read moisture content.

The unit is battery powered and can be used with a wide variety of crops using interchangeable program keys for direct readings. In addition, by using the probe accessory the meter may also be used to measure the temperature of stored grain, thus enabling the principle grain quality and storage checks to be carried out with one instrument.

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Moisture Meter for Baled Hay Straw and Tobacco with 600mm Long Probe.

Digital instrument for rapid assessment of moisture levels in straw hay bales. 

Applications: the 560-038 is a hand-held instrument which displays results on a large LCD Digital Display. It is supplied with a durable 600 mm (24") Stainless Steel probe designed to reach the centre of large bales.


  • Measurement range 8.5% - 36.8%
  • Strong, robust Stainless Steel moisture probe
  • Easy to read digital display 
  • Colour arc LED display to show moisture condition: Green (dry), Yellow (at risk), Red (wet)
  • Dual display LCD and LED to easy reading
  • Audible tone 
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Fast Response Temperature Probe 1m Length. for Use with 560-020.

1 metre long with temperature program key. info »

Universal Moisture Probe 1 Metre

• Microprocessor controlled.
• User programmable.
• Displays temperature and moisture content.
• 1 metre long insertion probe.

The universal insertion moisture meter has been designed to measure the moisture content of powders, grain and granules. It has applications throughout industry but is particularly suited for use with stored seeds and grains. It can be used both for batch testing materials as they are loaded or unloaded as well as periodic checks while in storage.

The probe is inserted into the sample and the result is shown instantly on the display. No weighing, grinding or other sample preparation is required. By pressing the membrane keypad the temperature of the sample can also be measured. The instrument can be programmed by the user for use with up to six crops. The simple calibration procedure means that data for new crops can be added as required. info »

Grain Airflow Meter.

An essential aid for monitoring the airflow through stored srops to ensure adequate ventilation and prevent spontaneous-heating and associated condensation in grain stored slightly warm or above optimum moisture content. The information provided by this device will help prevent mildew development in store and the associated loss of revenue or benefit from cash and feed crop. The instrument is simply placed upon the stored grain and the upward airflow can then be read off one of two scales ranging from 8-30 ft/min or 2.5-9 m/min. info »