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• Repeatability within 0.2% of indicated load.
• Accuracy within +/-1% of indicated load.
• Factory calibrated.

ELE Proving Rings are available in the range of 450 lbf (2 kN) to 11,200 lbf. (50 kN). Both analog and digital models are available. The repeatability of all models of Proving Ring is within 0.2% of the indicated load and the accuracy is +/- 1% of the indicated load over the upper 80% of the working range at the calibration loads. The change of "no load" reading during calibration is less than 0.1% of the deflection under full load.

All ELE Proving Rings are calibrated in kN and supplied with a calibration chart for conversion to lbf. and kgf.

Model No. Desc
78-0160 Load ring - 3 kN
78-0060 Load ring - 2 kN
78-0460 Load ring - 10 kN
78-0260 Load ring - 4.5 kN
78-0860 Clamped Boss Load ring - 50 kN
78-0760 Load ring - 28 kN
78-5461 Spare Dial Indicator for Load Rings

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• All parts polished and plated for rust-resistance.
• Supplied complete with dial indicator and calibration chart.

Model No. Desc
PR-60 Proving Ring, 6,000 lbs
PR-20 Proving Ring, 2,000 lbs
PR-100 Proving Ring 10,000 lbf Capacity
88-4000 Mechanical Dial Indicator - 0.2″ Range

• Supplied complete with digital indicator and calibration chart.

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ELE offers a range of Electronic balances to satisfy many weighing requirements specified in ASTM and AASHTO standards. The range offered has been carefully selected in relation to the weighing capacity and readability to meet a wide range of specifications.

These balances incorporate the latest weighing technology and are designed to provide consistent performance over long periods of time. All models of balance included in this section are supplied standard with a 100-240V 50/60 Hz power supply and a U.S. style electrical plug.

Model No. Desc Readability
88-1024/02 Ohaus Electronic Balance - 310 g Capacity 0.001 g
88-1034/02 Ohaus Electronic Balance - 1520 g Capacity 0.01 g
88-1044/02 Ohaus Electronic Balance - 2,100 g Capacity 0.01 g
88-1054/02 Ohaus Electronic Balance - 3,100 g Capacity 0.01 g
88-1074/02 Ohaus Electronic Balance - 6,000 g Capacity 0.1 g
88-1084/02 Ohaus Electronic Balance - 8,100 g Capacity 0.1 g
88-1094/02 High Capacity Electronic Balance 0.05 g
88-1098/02 Ohaus Electronic Balance - 24,000 g Capacity 0.1 g
88-1104/02 Ohaus Electronic Balance - 35,000 g Capacity 0.5 g
88-1200/02A Ohaus Electronic Balance - 210 g Capacity 0.01 g
88-1220/02A Ohaus Electronic Balance - 2,100 g Capacity 0.1 g
88-1230/02A Ohaus Electronic Balance - 8,100 g Capacity 0.1 g

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• AC and DC power supply.
• Auto shut-off.
• Large LCD display.
• RS232 standard.

Model No. Desc
88-1302/02 Champ II Series Bench Scale - 60 lb / 30 kg Capacity

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• Low Profile, compact design.
• AC and DC power supply.
• Easy two-button operation.

Model No. Desc
88-1424/02 ES Series Low Profile Bench Scale 110 lb Capacity
88-1428/02 ES Series Low Profile Bench Scale 220 lb Capacity

• Low Profile, compact design.
• AC and DC power supply.
• Easy two-button operation.

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• All steel housing with floating platform for lasting accuracy.
• Self-aligning hardened steel bearings with friction points.
• Mirrored balance indicators for fast, accurate and convenient viewing.
• Built-in platform and beam mechanisms prevent damage during transport.
• Built-in carrying handle.

Model No. Desc
88-1500 Portable Bench Beam Scale - 131 lbs Capacity
88-1520 Portable Bench Beam Scale - 301 lbs Capacity

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• Available in either pound or kilogram models.
• Rugged single beam design for field use.
• Convenient, built-in weights.
• Cast-in handle in base.
• Large, metal platform pan.

Model No. Desc
88-1600 Multi-Purpose Field Scale - 36 lb Capacity
88-1610 Multi-Purpose Field Scale - 16 kg Capacity

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• 2,000 gram capacity.
• Built-in sliding weights for ease of use.
• Magnetic dampening to speed up weighing.
• Undivided tare beam.
• Counterbalancing knob for quick zeroing.
• Stainless steel platforms.

Model No. Desc
78-7130 Plastic Scoop and Counterweight
78-7110 Weights for Harvard Trip Balance
78-7090 Harvard Trip Balance

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• 20 kilogram capacity.
• Magnetic dampening for quicker results.
• Covered, self-aligning bearings.
• Stainless steel platform.
• Convenient, built-in weights.

Model No. Desc
78-7600 Heavy-duty Solution Balance

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• Tiered notched beams.
• Magnetic damping.
• Sturdy, rugged die cast construction.

Model No. Desc
78-7142 Triple Beam Scale - 2,610 g Capacity; with Undivided Tare Beam, Tares up to 225 g
78-7140 Triple Beam Balance

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• Hanging pan design with removable stainless steel pan.
• Magnetic dampening for quicker results.
• Counterbalancing knob for quick zeroing.
• Rugged, durable construction.

Model No. Desc
78-7000 Dial-O-Gram Mechanical Balance - 310 g Capacity
78-7002 Cent-O-Gram Mechanical Balance - 311 g Capacity