Most test techniques involve the use of drying ovens and balances. The moisture content of aggregate is of importance e.g. when batching concrete or when compacting unbound materials to achieve a specified density. Accurate means of determining moisture content are specified in various Standards and include methods suitable for use in the laboratory or on the construction site.

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•Reliable and accurate moisture measurement in the field
•Direct reading in percent moisture
•Rapid results in minutes
•New versions with heavy duty plastic carrying case
and portable electronic balance

The new range of Speedy Moisture testers now includes an electronic balance and a heavy duty plastic case. Designed for the most demanding on-site conditions, the new waterproof and durable case offers high levels of protection. The new model comprises: Speedy Moisture tester, electronic balance, beaker, cleaning cloth, cap, washer, scoop, steel pulverising balls, and cleaning brushes. Used to weigh a sample before placing it in the Speedy Moisture Tester, the portable battery powered balance includes LCD display with a measuring range 0 – 200 g x 0 g. The % moisture content of the sample is read directly from the calibrated pressure gauge.

Model No. Model Moisture range Gauge div. Sample wgt.
23-7452 D2 Large 0 to 20 0.2 20
23-7462 G2 Large 0 to 50 0.5 8
23-7502 D2 Small 0 to 20 0.2 6