Aggregate Crushing Value (ACV) and Ten Percent Fines Value (TFV)

These tests are a measure of the crushing properties of aggregate and use the same basic equipment. The ACV test requires a standard load of 400 kN to be applied over a period of 10 minutes while the TFV test measures the force required to produce a specified depth of plunger penetration.

150mm Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus. Supplied Complete with Metal Measure and Tamping Rod.

Comprising of 150 mm nominal diameter steel cylinder, plunger and base plate supplied complete with metal measure and tamping rod.

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Tamping Rod 8mm Dia X 300mm.

Spare: 8mm diameter x 300mm long with rounded end.

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Non-Nuclear Asphalt Density Gauge

Full colour graphics driven user interface, 480 x 640 VGA touch screen display with LED backlight for easy visibility. 

New status bar feature, displays GPS status, battery voltage, low battery and date and time.

Rugged new case design made from 0.90" 5052 aluminum, powder-coated gloss black with green reflective vinyl graphics increasing driver awareness to road worked at night.

New Data Mangement Feature, quickly access, download or delete your project data.

Ability to upload and download files to the PQI via USB drive.

Fast, reliable, accurate and repeatable readings in real time, user friendly, in-process, cost effective tool for any crew member.

No badges or licenses and no storage or transport concerns. 

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