All ELE compression machines are supplied as standard with relevant platen assemblies. The versatility of the machines is such that other tests may be performed in addition to the main application. Often these tests will require different platens, e.g. for block testing. ELE offers a range of optional platen assemblies which are quickly fitted for use.

Extended Front Safety Gate for Use with 2000kN BS/EN Load Frames Fitted with Rectangular Platens.

For use with 2000 kN capacity machines fitted with rectangular platens.

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BS/EN Standard Rectangular Platen

Manufactured to the requirements of BS 6073-1 and EN 772-1 these platens, measuring 445 x 250 x 75 mm thick, are suitable for testing a wide range of samples. The upper platen is clipped to the machine’s standard ball seating assembly. The platens are supplied complete with 2 bolt-on spacers for use when testing blocks of 140 mm or 190 mm height. Maximum vertical clearance is 245 mm.

Please note: Platen handling kit is required for this product (37-4830). 

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Sub-Platen Assembly for 150mm Dia Specimens for Split Cylinder Testing to BS1881 / EN12390-6

For testing cylinders of 150 x 150 mm and 150 x 300 mm (diameter x length).

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BS Block Platens & Platen Handling Assembly for 2000kN & 3000kN BS Frames.

The Platen Handling Assemblies shall be supplied with El37-4860 BS/EN specification rectangular platen extended length safety gates and roller assemblies for the platens.  

Suitable For ELE 2000 Kn BS/EN specification Compression Machines With serial numbers prefix 1868 and 1881 with the load frame Pre-drilled to accept rectangular Platen Handling Assembly On-Site

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Test Pieces EN 12390-6 Pack of 100 Hardboard.

Hardboard strips for use with Split Cylinder Platen Assemblies. Pack of 100.

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300mm Lower Brick Platen

300mm diameter lower platen hardened to 60HRC min certified by UKAS approved lab to EN 12390-4 with calibration certificate.

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