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This test method utilises a 2.5 kg hand compaction hammer and a one litre capacity compaction mould. Often referred to as the ‘Proctor’ test it is suitable for soils containing particles no larger than 20 mm. The mould and hammer is manufactured from corrosion protected steel components to withstand the heavy usage involved in the test.

Model No. Desc
24-9000 Standard compaction mould
24-9002 Standard compaction rammer

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This test method utilises a 4.5 kg hand rammer resulting in a heavier compactive effort than the 2.5 kg test method. Compactive energy some 4.5 times greater is applied to the sample using the heavier rammer.

The method is often specified where higher levels of compaction are necessary in a structure, e.g. an airfield sub-base material. Manufactured from corrosion protected steel components the 4.5 kg rammer is designed to withstand heavy usage involved in the test method.

Model No. Desc
24-9010 300 mm straight edge
24-9004 4.5 kg compaction rammer

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• Pre-set blow pattern ensures even compaction
• Solid state controls for reliability and ease of maintenance
• Automatic re-setting of counter after completion of blow pattern

These machines automatically compact specimens eliminating the laborious hand compaction method. The height of the rammer is selectable to suit test requirements. The weight of the rammer is selectable. An automatic blow pattern ensures optimum compaction for each layer of soil. The rammer travels across the mould and the table rotates the mould in equal steps on a base that is extremely stable. The number of blows per layer can be set at the beginning of the test.

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A range of load rings will be required depending upon the type of material being tested. Detailed below is a selected range of load rings and transducers that are suitable for differing values of CBR.

Model No. Desc CBR %
78-0060 Load ring - 2 kN Up to 8%
78-0460 Load ring - 10 kN 8% to 40%
78-0860 Clamped Boss Load ring - 50 kN Above 40%
78-0760 Load ring - 28 kN Average range of CBR
27-1559 S-type load cell - 50 kN ALL