Our list of current General laboratory instrumentation products are listed below. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will try our best to help you.

Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope

• 4 objective nosepiece.
• High quality optics.
• Mechanical stage.

This binocular miroscope has a sound, ergonomic design and is manufactured to a high standard. The excellent optical performance makes the instrument suitbale for both laboratory and teaching purposes. The built-in illumination with daylight filter provides an excellent light source for a wide range of applications.

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Binocular Microscope 45 Deg Inclined 360 Deg Rotating Head Wf10X Eye- Piece 4X 10X & 40X

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Laboratory Conductivity Meter

Automatic range selection. 

Calibration on standard solutions or direct cell constant entry.

Automatic temperature compensation. 

This laboratory conductivity meter is a versatile unit which utilises the best of modern technology to simplify operation without sacrificing accuracy or reliability. With push button operation and a customised liquid crystal display, determination of conductivity and TDS can readily be achieved with the minimum of operator training. 

The meter includes a 32 reading memory facility. Remote monitoring and data collection is facilitated by the provision of both analogue and digital outputs and in the event of power removal, all user defined parameters are retained. 


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Sulphide Ion Selective electrode (Combination Type)

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Light Alloy Clamp With Lined Jaws To Provide 6-Point Contact 0 To 88Mm Capacity

Length: 0.24m

Width: 0.08m

Height: 0.03m

Weight: 0.2kg

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Light Alloy Bosshead 12.7Mm V-Slot With 2 Clamping Screws.

Length: 0.1m

Width: 0.04m

Height: 0.03m

Weight: 0.1 kg

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Portable Autoclave 14 Litre Capacity

  • Capacity 14 Litres  
  • Material: Die Cast Aluminium  
  • Internal Dimensions: 280mm Diameter X 230 mm High  
  • External Dimensions: 420mm Wide X 400mm Deep X 520mm  High  
  • Net Weight: 13.0 KG  
  • Heat Source: Internal Electric Element 2.0 KW 
  • Power: 230 V 50 HZ 
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 1.0 Bar  
  • Maximum Working Temperature: 121 Degrees C  
  • Complies With: H&SE PM73 (Lid Locking Devices) BS 3456:  Part 101: 1987 (Electrical Safety) CE marked in compliance With EMC Regulations 1992  
  • Manufactured In The UK
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Visible Range Spectro- Photometer with 100 Plastic Cuvettes (10 X 10mm) Cell Holder & Mains Lead

• Microprocessor-controlled.
• Digital display 320-920 nm wavelength.
• Automatic zero and calibration.

This instrument combines advanced electronics with a high quality optical system operating over the range 320-920 nm.

The monochrominator is a modified Czerny Turner design. It incorporatesa cam-driven 1200 lines/mm holographic diffraction grating and features automatic second order resonse supression. The complete optical system is housed in an independently enclosed unit for maximum protection.

Careful design has ensured that heat transfer to the sample is minimised. This enables precise measurements to be performed on a temperature dependent basis. A low noise, high stability and solid state detector for accurate reproducible results combined with a rigid structure provides a system with fast warm-up, low drift and high reliability info »

Uv/Vis Spectrophotometer with 100 Plastic Cuvettes 10X10mm Cell Holder Instructions & Mains Lead

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Spare Xenon lamp module

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Microsample Cuvettes 10Ml (Pack of 100).

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Bulb (Top Illumination) 12V/10W

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Bulb (Bottom Illumination) 12V/20W

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Objective Lense 100X/1.25 (Oil). for Use with 550-035/01.

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Conductivity Cell K=1.

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Laboratory Ph Meter with Ph Electrode Swing Arm Temp Probe Manual and Buffer Capsules.

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Spare Ph Probe for Lab Ph and Ion Meters.

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Bench Dissolved oxygen meter

• Measures DO2 over ranges 0-200%, 0-25% and 0-19.9 mg/l (ppm).
• Measures temperature over the range -50 to +199.9°C.
• Barometric pressure compensator.

This unit has been designed for use in the laboratory for the measurement of dissolved oxygen accurately and with ease. Measurements can be obtained as % or mg/l and are automatically temperature compensated. All adjustments are made using multi-turn rotary controls and the results are displayed on an LED display. info »

Laboratory Ion meter with pH electrode, swing arm, temp probe. Manual+buffer capsules. 240V 50Hz 1ph

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Ammonia Ion Selective Electrode (Combination Type)

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Ammonium Ion Selective Electrode (PVC) Combination Type

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Barium Ion Selective Electrode (Combination Type)

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Bromide Ion Selective electrode (Combination Type)

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Cadmium Ion Selective electrode (Combination Type)

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Calcium Ion Selective electrode (Combination Type)

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Chloride Ion Selective electrode (Combination Type)

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Copper Ion Selective electrode (Combination type)

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Cyanide Ion Selective electrode (Combination type)

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Fluoride Ion Selective electrode (Combination type)

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Iodide Ion Selective electrode

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Lead Ion Selective eletrode (Combination Type)

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Nitrate Ion Selective Electrode (Combination Type)

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Potassium Ion Selective electrode

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Silver Ion Selective electrode (Combination Type)

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Sodium Ion Selective electrode (Combination Type)

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Water Hardness Ion Selective electrode (Combination Type)

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