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Laboratory Conductivity Meter



Environmental Laboratory Equipment

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General laboratory instrumentation

Automatic range selection. 

Calibration on standard solutions or direct cell constant entry.

Automatic temperature compensation. 

This laboratory conductivity meter is a versatile unit which utilises the best of modern technology to simplify operation without sacrificing accuracy or reliability. With push button operation and a customised liquid crystal display, determination of conductivity and TDS can readily be achieved with the minimum of operator training. 

The meter includes a 32 reading memory facility. Remote monitoring and data collection is facilitated by the provision of both analogue and digital outputs and in the event of power removal, all user defined parameters are retained. 


Supplied complete with probe holder and conductivity level (K=1) and full operating instructions.

Description Laboratory Conductivity Meter

0 to 19.99μS, 0 to 199.9μS, 0 to 1999μS, 0 to 19.99mS, 0 to 199.9mS, 0 to 1999mS

Resolution  0.01μS, 0.1μS, 1μS, 0.01mS, 0.1mS, 1mS* 
Accuracy  ±0.5% ±2 digits
TDS ranges 0 to 19.99mg/l, 0 to 199.9mg/l, 0 to 1999mg/l, 0 to 19.99g/l, 0 to 199.9g/l, 0 to 1999g/l
Resolution 0.01mg/l, 0.1mg/l, 1mg/l, 0.01g/l, 0.1g/l, 1g/l* *only with cell constant >5
Accuracy  ±0.5% ±2 digits
Temperature ranges 10 to +105°C / 14 to 221°F
Resolution 0.1°C / 1°F
Accuracy  ±0.5°C / ±1°F
ATC range 0 to 100°C / 32 to 212°F
Manual temp. comp. 0 to 100°C / 32 to 212°F
Cell constant 0.010 to 19.999
Temperature coeff. 0.00% to 4.00%
Reference temp. 18, 20 25°C, default 25°C
EC ratio (cond. to TDS factor) 0.50 to 0.80, default 0.6
Auto standard recognition  10μS, 84μS, 1413μS, 12.88mS
Outputs  Analogue 1mV per digit / RS232
Display  Custom back lit LCD
Power  Power supply 9V a.c.
Size  250(l) x 210(w) x 55(d) mm
Weight  850g