Aggressive Materials

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Although all products are treated to inhibit corrosion, certain aggressive materials may attack the metal components. Examples of this are samples obtained from the seabed or containing high concentrations of sulphates or chlorides.

Where aggressive materials are to be tested, ELE will be pleased to offer advice on any special requirements.

Model No. Desc
25-4200 Piston Restraint Clamp
25-8090 Silicon Grease Lubricant

Specimen Base Adaptors download PDF

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Each cell will require the correct size of specimen base adaptor relative to the size (diameter) of sample tested. All base adaptors are double perforated for bottom drainage/pore pressure measurement. They are supplied complete with a solid disc for use in tests where no drainage is required. 

Model No. 100 mm Cell 70 mm cell (25-4117) 50 mm cell (25-4157) Specimen
25-4174 - Yes - 50 mm
25-4166 - - Yes 38 mm
25-4186 Yes - - 100 mm
25-4176 - Yes - 70 mm
25-4168 - - Yes 50 mm