The laboratory hardware listed provides a comprehensive range of products suitable for most general test applications.

Open the Evaporating Dishes page

These Evaporating Dishes are the porcelain type with pour-out spout and are highly resistant to chemicals. All models are glazed both inside and outside, with the exception of the rim.

Model No. Desc
88-6712 Evaporating Dish - 250 ml Capacity
88-6710 Evaporating Dish - 120 ml Capacity
88-6714 Evaporating Dish - 385 ml Capacity
88-6716 Evaporating Dish - 765 ml Capacity
88-6718 Evaporating Dish - 1.285 ml Capacity

Open the Soil Mortar and Pestle page

• Heavy porcelain mortar, glazed on outside.
• Rubber-tipped, wooden handle pestle.

The heavy porcelain Soil Mortar is used with the rubber-tipped, Soil Pestle for breaking down lumpy material prior to testing. The rubber tip on the pestle prevents the breaking down of individual particles.

Model No. Desc
88-6810 Soil Mortar
88-6812 Soil Pestle

Open the Aluminium Moisture Boxes page

The Aluminum Moisture Box is ideally suited for temporarily preserving moisture in samples to be weighed and dried for moisture determination. By using the Moisture Boxes, the user eliminates changing tare weights caused by rusting containers.

Model No. Desc
88-7002 Aluminium Moisture Boxes - 2″ Diameter
88-7004 Aluminium Moisture Boxes - 2-1/2″ Diameter
88-7008 Aluminium Moisture Boxes - 3-1/2″ Diameter

Open the Trowel page

Model No. Desc
88-7400 Trowel

Open the Gloves page

Model No. Desc
88-7920 Gloves

Open the Chisel page

Model No. Desc
88-7960 Chisel

Open the Tall Non-Vacuum, Dessicator Cabinet page

Moulded of co-polyester plastic, this Desiccator Cabinet offers a clear view of contents. A hygrometer dial in the door allows for easy monitoring of relative humidity. The unit includes three sets of shelf rails and three clear shelves with small vent holes.

Model No. Desc
45-9315/14 Drierite Desiccant
88-6700 Desiccator Cabinet

Open the Universal Time Switches page

• 8” (203 mm) diameter dial with large numerals for elapsed time and an inner circle of small numerals for use as stop clock.
• Automatically turns electrical instruments on and off at preselected time periods.
• Automatic buzzer with volume control knob.
• Heavy-duty internal switch, and two three-wire outlets.

Model No. Desc
88-4310/02 Universal Time Switch