A measure of a soil's strength. The unconfined compressive strength (UCS) is the maximum axial compressive stress that a right-cylindrical sample of soil can withstand under unconfined conditions.


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• 10,000 lbf. (45 kN) maximum load capacity.
• Accurate loading speeds from 0.08” (2.032 mm) to as low as 0.001” (0.025 mm) per minute.
• Push-button Up-Down-Stop operation with overtravel limit switch protection.
• Highly versatile — can be used for Quick Undrained Triaxial, Unconfined Compression, CBR and Soil Cement testing with proper accessories.

Shown with unconfined compression test digital readout set; not included, order separately

Model No. Desc
27-1121/02 Unconfined Compression Test Digital Readout Set, English 110 vAC
25-3999 Unconfined Compression Assembly Only
25-3997 Unconfined Compression Test Accessory Set, English
25-3998 Unconfined Compression Test Accessory Set, Metric

Unconfined Compression Tester, Hand-Operated

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• Lightweight design for laboratory and field use.
• Supplied complete and ready to operate.

The unconfined compression test is an important method of determining shear strength of cohesive and semi-cohesive soils.

Test loads are applied to the specimen through a hand crank. The rate of strain can be regulated during the test by turning the hand crank at the desired rate. Loads are indicated on a proving ring and dial indicator assembly.

Model No. Desc
25-3602 Unconfined Compression Tester, Hand-Operated 500 lb
25-3604 Unconfined Compression Tester, Hand-Operated 1,500 lb
25-3605 Unconfined Compression Tester, Hand-Operated 6.6 kN
25-3650 Unconfined Compression Platens