• Repeatability within 0.2% of indicated load
• Accuracy within ±1% of indicated load
• Works calibrated

ELE Clamped Boss Load Rings are available in the range 1 kN to 50 kN.The available capacities and performance of ELE load rings satisfy the requirements for accurate load measurement for a wide range of testing applications.The repeatability and accuracy of all clamped boss rings comply with the requirements of NIS 0415 Accreditationfor the Calibration of Force Measuring Rings and Load Cells used in Soil Testing. The repeatability of all load rings is within 0.2% of indicated load and accuracy is ±1% of indicated load over the upper 80% of the working range, at the calibration loads.

All clamped boss load rings are calibrated in kN and supplied with a calibration chart. Complete with a detachable nipple, all rings are supplied in a protective foam moulding.

Clamped Boss Load Ring - 3.0 kN

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Clamped Boss Load Ring - 2.0 kN

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Clamped Boss Load Ring - 10.0 kN

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Clamped Boss Load Ring - 4.5 kN

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50kN Clamped Boss Load Ring

Calibrated in compression.

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Clamped Boss Load Ring - 28.0 kN

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