Proctor & Mortar Penetrometer Set

• 130 lb. capacity with 1 lb. subdivisions.
• Includes 10 interchangeable needles as specified in ASTM testing standards for Soils and Mortar.
• Plated for rust resistance and long life.
• Convenient carrying case with individual

The Proctor Penetrometer is used for determining the penetration resistance of fine-grained soils and when selecting the appropriate needles becomes a Mortar Penetrometer set that is used for determining the rate of hardening of mortars sieved from concrete mixtures. The unit consists of a special calibrated spring dynamometer with a pressure-indicating scale on the stem of the handle. The pressure scale is calibrated to 130 lbs. by 1 lb. subdivisions. There is a major division located at each 10 lb. interval. A sliding ring on the stem indicates the maximum load obtained during the test.