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Los Angeles Abrasion Machine




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Mechanical Properties, Los Angeles Abrasion Machine

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Los Angeles Abrasion Machine

The machine consists of a closed hollow cylindrical steel drum rotating around its horizontal axis on ball bearing units mounted on a sturdy base framework.

The drum is driven at a speed of between 30 - 33 rpm via an enclosed belt drive arrangement from an electric motor/gearbox unit situated on the base frame. Inside the drum a full length steel shelf is attached, accessed by a dust-proof opening. 

The cylinder incorporates a removable internal shelf, one shelf position is provided to meet the requirements of both the ASTM and EN test standards. 

Controls are located easily on the right-hand side of the machine at convenient operator height. 

Start and stop push buttons and a subtracting revolution counter allows the user to preset the number of revolutions before an automatic stop.

110-120vAC, 60 Hz, 1ø.

Description Los Angeles Abrasion Machine 110-120 V AC 60 Hz
Motor hp, amp 1 HP
ASTM C131 Yes
ASTM C535 Yes
NF P18-573 Yes



Capacity 5,000 g each of aggregate and charge.
Drum Speed 30-33 rpm.
Frame Welded structural steel.
Counter Adjustable; automatic shut-off; push-button
reset and adjustment.
Controls Magnetic motor starter with overload protection and integral On-Off switches.
Dimensions 38.6” w. x 36.2” d. x 38.6” h. (980 x 920 x 980 mm).
Weight Net 882 lbs. (400 kg).
Motor 1 HP

Abrasion Charges required for operation; not included, order separately.