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Vernier Caliper Range 0 to 200mm X 0.02mm.



Soil Index Properties, Determination of Flakiness and Elongation, Laboratory Hardware

Sub Category:

Determination of Shrinkage Characteristics

Product Group:

Determination of the Shape Index, Linear Shrinkage, Miscellaneous Laboratory Hardware

Vernier callipers 200 x 0.002mm. Graduated in mm and inches.

Gives four types of readings: inside, outside, depth and step. Dual reading scale (metric and inch) with 14° bevelled vernier scale for reduced parallax reading error and knurled locking nut. Manufactured from hardened stainless steel for rigidity. Satin finish.

Conforms to DIN 862. 

Description Vernier caliper
EN 933-4 Yes
BS 1377 Yes
Measuring Range 0 - 200 mm x 0.02 mm