• Reliable and accurate moisture measurement in the field
• Direct reading in percent moisture
• Rapid results in minutes
• New versions with heavy duty plastic carrying case and portable electronic balance

Uses a technique based on the fact that water will react with calcium carbide to form a gas and that the quantity of gas formed is directly proportional to the water present. The gas pressure is indicated on a built-in pressure gauge. The new range of Speedy Moisture testers now includes an electronic balance and a heavy duty plastic case. Designed for the most demanding on-site conditions, the new waterproof and durable case offers high levels of protection. The new model comprises: Speedy Moisture tester, electronic balance, beaker, cleaning cloth, cap, washer, scoop, steel pulverising balls, and cleaning brushes. Used to weigh a sample before placing it in the Speedy Moisture Tester, the portable battery powered balance includes LCD display with a measuring range 0 – 200 g x 0.1g. The % moisture content of the sample is read directly from the calibrated pressure gauge.

Model No. Model Moisture range Gauge div. Sample wgt.
23-7452 D2 Large 0 to 20 0.2 20
23-7462 G2 Large 0 to 50 0.5 8
23-7502 D2 Small 0 to 20 0.2 6