Chemical analysis plays an important part in the categorisation of cements and other construction materials such as lime. The use of analytical instrumentation such as flame photometry offers a simple and cost effective solution to the determination of the constituent parts of cement.

The Loss-on-Ignition of Cement and Building Lime can be determined using a Muffle Furnace to oxidize the sample in air at 975 ± 25ºC.

Muffle Furnace see Laboratory Equipment Section

Crucibles see Laboratory Equipment Section

Model No. Desc
83-4170/01 Muffle Furnace
82-3320 Porcelain Crucible

Today, cement is manufactured by a chemical process with raw materials being crushed, ground and blended before being heated in a rotary kiln until they combine chemically.

The ELE Flame Photometer is built to a high specification and can be used with confidence for the most exacting analysis. It is a low temperature, single channel emission flame photometer with a large clear digital readout. The unit incorporates zero and gain controls with fine and coarse sensitivity, electronic ignition and automatic air supply regulation.

The meter is supplied with sodium and potassium filters, fuel and air connections, nebuliser cleaning wire, hose connecting clips, auxiliary power plug, hexagon key, 2 lengths of drain tubing and a comprehensive instruction book and service manual. The unit is housed in a strong case.

Model No. Desc
38-0250 Calcium Filter
38-0260 Barium Filter
38-0320/01 Air Compressor
38-0200/01 Flame Photometer
38-0270 Natural Gas Regulator
38-0280 Propane Gas Regulator