Compression Machines

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Automatic Compression Machines

The ADR Touch Control Pro will deliver all the features and quality of the established ADR-Auto range, with its 20 year history, but with a new sleek design and additional capabilities. The console assembly consists of an ADR Touch Control Pro and power base which can be used with all existing concrete and cement frames.

The machines meet the requirements of EN 12390-3, 4, 5, 12504-1, 1354, 1521, 3161, 1338, 772-6, 13286-41, BS 3892-3, 187, 6717

Manually-Operated Compression Machines

Whilst delivering all the features and reputation of the established ADR Series with its extensive design history, the new and improved user interface provides a high quality platform for testing that enhances the performance of ELE’s compression machines.
New, sophisticated electronics further the benefits of simplified operation, whilst delivering the highest levels of accuracy in testing concrete and cement/mortar samples, satisfying the needs of Quality Control Managers, Lab Managers and Technicians


Compression/Tension Testing

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