Direct Shear and Vane Tests

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Every building or structure that is built in or on the earth imposes loads on the soil supporting the foundations. The stresses set up in the soil causes deformation of the soil with stress failure being caused by slippage of soil particles, which may lead to sliding of one body of soil relative to the surrounding mass.

Direct/Residual Shear Apparatus

Model No. Desc Voltage
26-2114/02 Digital Direct/Residual Shear Apparatus 110-120V 50/60Hz
25-0544 16 Ton Weight Set -
26-2114/01 Digital Direct/Residual Shear Apparatus 220-240 V 50/60 Hz

Shear Box Assemblies

All shearbox assemblies are designed to fit the carriage of the Direct/Residual Shear Apparatus. They are supplied complete three porous plates, on retaining plate and a loading pad. The three sizes supplied comply  with the relevant requirements of BS 1377 and ASTM D3080. All assemblies can be used for quick shear tests or drained/residual shear tests. Optional accessories are available including specimen cutters and extrusion tools. The table shows the complete range of shearbox assemblies and accessories.

Model No. Desc Specimen Weight, kg Thickness
26-2181 Shear box assembly - 2 25 mm
26-2197 Shear box assembly - 5.2 25 mm
26-2213 Shear box assembly - 2.8 1 Inch

Shearbox Assemblies- Accessories and Spares

Model No. Desc Specimen
26-2181/10 Porous plate 60 x 60 mm
26-2197/10 Porous plate 100 x 100 mm
26-2114/10 Counter Balance Kit Complying With ASTM D3080 -
26-2213/10 2.5" Diameter Porous plate 2.5" diameter
26-2185 Specimen cutter 60 x 60 mm
26-2189 Specimen extrusion tool 60 x 60 mm
26-2201 Specimen cutter 100 x 100 mm
26-2205 Specimen extrusion tool 100 x 100 mm
26-2217 Specimen cutter 2.5" dia
26-2221 Specimen extrusion tool 2.5" dia

Measurement of Horizontal and Vertical Movement

Model No. Desc
25-0440 Vertical Dial Indicator, Metric
83-5456 Dial gauge 10 mm Travel X 0.01 mm
27-1697 Horizontal displacement transducer assembly 15 mm travel
27-1689 Vertical displacement transducer assembly 15 mm travel
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Measurement of Load (Shear Stress)

Model No. Desc Capacity, kN
78-0160 Load ring - 3 kN 3
78-0060 Load ring - 2 kN 2
27-1561 S-Type load cell 5
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Application of Normal Stress

Model No. Desc Weight, kg
26-2132 Set of weights 50 kg
26-2139 Slotted surcharge weight 5 kg
26-2141 Slotted surcharge weight 2 kg
26-2143 Slotted surcharge weight 1 kg
26-2145 Slotted surcharge weight 0.5 kg
26-2147 Slotted surcharge weight 0.25 kg
26-2137 Slotted surcharge weight 10 kg
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Inspection Vane

Model No. Desc
26-3335/11 H605 extension rod
26-3335 H60 Field Inspection Vane Tester
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Laboratory Vane Apparatus

Model No. Desc
26-2275/10 Set of 4 calibrated springs (spare)
26-2279 Vane 12.7 mm x 12.7 mm long
26-2281 Vane 12.7 mm dia X 19 mm long
26-2283 Vane 12.7 mm dia x 25.4mm long
26-2270 Laboratory Vane Apparatus

Pocket Shearmeter

Model No. Desc
26-2261 Torvane Shear Device

Automatic Data Acquisition - Direct Shear

Model No. Desc
27-1793 DS7.2 Direct and Residual Shear Strength Program for Windows 7, 32/64 bit
27-1500/01 GDU 8 channel data acquisition unit
27-2793 DS7.3 Direct and Residual Shear Strength for Windows 10
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