Surface hardness is used to measure the resistance of concrete to impact or penetration. From the measurements it is possible to obtain an estimation of the concrete strength and quality.

The method is based on the principle that the rebound of an elastic mass depends on the hardness of the surface which it strikes. The test is fast and is unlikely to cause damage to the concrete.

Model No. Desc
35-1480 Standard Concrete Test Hammer
35-1500/10 SilverSchmidt Anvil
35-1500 Advanced Concrete Test Hammer - SilverSchmidt
35-1530 Testing Anvil

The basic principle of this method of testing is that the velocity of an ultrasonic pulse through concrete is related to its density and elastic properties. Some care is necessary when testing, but an experienced operator may obtain a considerable amount of information about a concrete member. The advantage of this method is that the pulse passes through the complete thickness of the concrete so that the significant defects can be detected.