Non-Destructive Testing of Hardened Concrete

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Crack Detection

Model No. Desc
35-2505 Crack Detection Microscope

Permeability of Concrete

Model No. Desc
35-4043 Gwt Permeability Kit

Pull-off testing

Model No. Desc
35-2310 Automated Pull-Off Tester
35-2310/19 Battery pack complete
35-2310/11 Test disc aluminium Ø 50mm/M10, set of 10
35-2310/12 Test disc aluminium Ø 20mm/M10, set of 10
35-2310/13 Test disc aluminium 50x50mm/M10, set of 10
35-2310/14 Test disc aluminium 40x40mm/M10, set of 10
35-2310/15 Test disc aluminium Ø 100mm/M10, set of 3
35-2310/16 Test disc aluminium 100x100mm/M10, set of 3
35-2310/17 Test disc aluminium Ø 75mm/M10, set of 5
35-2310/10 Test disc steel Ø 50mm/M10, set of 10
35-2310/18 Adaptor plate for large test discs
35-2310/20 Fixing kit for vertical and overhead surfaces

Rebar Detection

Model No. Desc
35-2025 Rebar Detector and Covermeter
35-2304/09 Advanced Cover Meter

Surface Hardness

Surface hardness is used to measure the resistance of concrete to impact or penetration. From the measurements it is possible to obtain an estimation of the concrete strength and quality.

Pulse Velocity Measurement

The basic principle of this method of testing is that the velocity of an ultrasonic pulse through concrete is related to its density and elastic properties. Some care is necessary when testing, but an experienced operator may obtain a considerable amount of information about a concrete member. The advantage of this method is that the pulse passes through the complete thickness of the concrete so that the significant defects can be detected.

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