Soil Index Properties

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Soil index properties are used extensively by engineers to discriminate between the different kinds of soil within a broad category, e.g clay will exhibit a wide range of engineering properties depending on its composition.

Determination of Plastic Limit

The plastic limit is defined as the lowest moisture content of a soil that will permit a sample to be rolled into threads of 3 mm diameter without the threads breaking. The test procedure has remained, in principle, the same since 1932, when Casagrande proposed to define the various limits by relating the moisture content characteristics of soil under certain conditions. The apparatus required is simple yet effective. 

Model No. Desc
24-0430 Glass plate
24-0811 Rod comparator
81-0140 Spatula 200 mm

Determination of Liquid Limit

The condition of a soil can be altered by changing the moisture content. The liquid limit is the empirically established moisture content at which a soil passes from the plastic to the liquid state. A knowledge of the liquid limit allows the engineer to correlate several engineering properties with the soil. Two main types of test are used; the Casagrande type (Cup), which has been used for many years, and the cone penetrometer method, which is now the definitive method specified in BS 1377.

Determination of Shrinkage Characteristics

When the water content of a fine-grained soil is reduced below the plastic limit, shrinkage of the soil mass continues until the shrinkage limit is reached. Shrinkage can be significant in clays but less so in silts and sands. The equipment listed enables the engineer to determine a number of important parameters, including shrinkage ratio, volumetric shrinkage and linear shrinkage.

Determination of Density, Particle Density and Specific Gravity

Particle density or specific gravity is a measure of the actual particles which make up the soil mass and is defined as the ratio of the mass of the particles to the mass of the water they displace. A knowledge of the particle density is essential in relation to other soil tests. It is used when calculating porosity and voids ratio and is particularly important when compaction and consolidation properties are being investigated. The majority of apparatus used for the various tests is general laboratory equipment.

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