40 years' anniversary with ELE

Date posted: 28th October 2016 09:20

Ian Corner recently reached a 40-year milestone at ELE International, making him one of our longest serving product development engineers, and ELE would like to thank Ian for his hard work and dedication throughout his career.

Ian began his career after successfully completing his apprenticeship at the world renowned Royal Small Arms Factory (RSAF) in Enfield, Middlesex. The quality of training provided there was incomparable to any other in the British industry. Many engineers, like Ian, have completed their apprenticeships with great success at the RSAF and it has played a very successful part in design and manufacturing in the UK.

 Furthermore, Richard Windsor, our new Engineering Manager, who coincidentally also completed his apprenticeship at the RSAF, joined the company recently. We are sure to benefit greatly from Richard's skills and expertise in the instrumentation field and we feel sure that he will go on to have a career with ELE that is as successful as Ian's.

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