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Environmental Monitoring Station




Sub Category:

Weather and monitoring stations

Product Group:

Environmental weather station

Comprising of:

9 Channel Logger,

Anemometer (Wind Speed) with 3m cable connector, 

Wind Direction Vane with 3m Cable & connector, 

Relative Humidity and Temperature Probe,

Pyranometer sensor with levelling unit 3m cable & connector, 

Rainguage with 6m Cable & connector, 

Barometer with 3m cable & connector, 

Evaporation Pan & Gauge with 3 meter cable and connector, Solar Power System, 2 metre Portable Mast Mounted on Meta; Plate with Guylines and Pegs. 



Description Environmental Monitoring Station

Wind Monitoring System


Comprising of: Logger with batteries Windspeed and Wind Direction Sensors Pole mounts 2 Metre Mast with Metal Plate   Guylines and pegs.