Autocomp 100-A Marshall Compactor ASTM with Flexible Head (Guarded)

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Autocomp 100-A Marshall Compactor ASTM with Flexible Head (Guarded)



Design and Testing of Bituminous Mixtures

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Automatic Compaction

The Automatic Marshall Compactor is designed to provide a stable and rigid mechanism to be used for preparation of bituminous specimens for Marshall Stability tests. Comes with flexible head which can be adjusted to customer preference.

45-6801/01 Compactor for compaction of 4" dia.specimens features a heavy-duty design, which stands up well to the constant jarring caused by the compaction process. The compactors are equipped with a hand operated mould fixing mechanism which locks the mould in place during compaction and reduces vibration of the mould. The conveniently positioned control panel comprises of start/stop button, emergency stop button and a direct reading counter used to set the required number of blows.

The operator can keep track of the number of blows on an LCD display. The apparatus stops automatically after the preset number of blows.

Standards: ASTM D 1559, ASTM D 6926, AASHTO T245.

Drop numbers 55 +/- 5 blow/min
Sliding weight 4536 +/- 9 gr
Falling height 457 +/- 3 mm
Tamping face dia. 98.5 mm
Electrical Specification  220-240V, 50Hz, 1Ph