Designed to provide comprehensive test facilities, dual-frame compressions enable a versatile testing programme. Controlled by a single console, dual-frame compression machines provide an economic means of testing the full range of concrete, mortar and cement samples

ADR Touch Control PRO 3000/250kN Auto BS EN Compression Machine

• 3000/250 kN capacity
• Meets requirements of EN 12390-3, -4, -12504-1, 1354, 1521, 13161, 1338 772- 1, -6, 13286-41 196- 1 459-2. BS 3892-3, 187
• Concrete and cement specimens
• Tests 200, 150, 100, 70.7, 50 and 40 mm cubes and cylinders up to 320 x 160 mm diameter
• Calibration accuracy and repeatability conforms to BS EN ISO 7500-1; ASTM E4
• Supplied with Windows® download software as standard

Designed to provide comprehensive test facilities, this twin-frame compression machine is controlled by the automatic console. The 3000 kN capacity frame meets the requirements of EN Standards and accepts the range of on-board accessories.

As the second outlet control port is connected to the 250 kN load frame, attachment of a flexural frame is not possible. The 250 kN frame is supplied complete with compression jig, 40 mm, 50 mm/2.0 inch square platens and meets the requirements of EN 196-1.

When selecting the frame to be used for testing the automatic changeover valve incorporated in the system delivers the hydraulic fluid to that frame.

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