New Logo Announcement

Date posted: 19th July 2017 11:53

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new logo and brand identity. The change of logo is not just a change in graphic design, it represents the future direction of the ELE brand, a brand that has been a symbol of quality, innovation and precise materials testing for the past 56 years. We feel that our new logo is a better reflection of our innovative technologies and our progressive vision for the future of this industry. However, we have not forgotten our rich history and milestones of the past and that is why we have kept your favourite ELE ‘blue’ colour.  

In the coming months, we will be launching several new products that will change the way of conventional materials testing technology. Our new products are designed to set new standards in the field by providing the users with more technical options, ease of operability and quality that has been our hallmark for years.  

Our task now is to project our new logo with pride on all our marketing collaterals, product literature, digital media and of course on our products. In the next few months we will be making these logo changes, and during this time we will keep you up to date on our progress as we complete our new look by September 2017. 

If you have used the old ELE logo on any of your internal or external communications, we would request you to kindly update them with the new logo wherever it is cost-convenient. The guidelines on using the new ELE logo will be published very soon. We also request you to get in touch with our marketing department for any unforeseen impact of the new logo on your business.

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