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15-Bar Pressure Plate Cell.




Sub Category:

Soil Physics

Product Group:

Pressure plate extractors

Developed from a proprietary mixture of ball clays fired to a ceramic body. Pinkish-tan in colour, moderately hard and will withstand pressure differentials of 15 Bar (217.5 psi). Typical bubbling pressure: 220 psi. Effective pore size: 0.16 micron. Hydraulic conductivity: .00000000259 cm/sec. Approximate porosity: 32% by vol. Flow through.

Diameter: 25.88 cm

Description 5-Bar Pressure Plate Cell

1-Bar Pressure Plate Cell


Developed from a high fired Alumina body. Extremely porous, inert to most all solutions, possesses hard exterior and interior surfaces, and pure white in colour. Recommended for standard pressure differentials under 1 Bar (14.5 psi). Typical bubbling pressure: 28 - 32 psi. Effective pore size: 2.5 microns. Hydraulic conductivity: 0.0000086 cm/sec. Approximate porosity: 45% by vol. Flow through.  

3-Bar Pressure Plate Cell


 A complex mixture of ball clays into a moderately fired ceramic body. Good porosity and good hydrologic flow capability. The material is moderately hard and tannish-white in colour, not recommended for fluid sampling. Recommended for specialised applications where the pressure differentials are under 3 Bars (43.5 psi). Typical bubbling pressure: 46 - 70 psi. Effective pore size: 0.7 microns. Hydraulic conductivity: 0.00000025 cm/sec. Approximate porosity: 34% vol. Flow through.