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Compression Frame Jig Assembly



Mixing, Moulding, Curing and Strength

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Cement Testing Accessories

Does come as standard with 39-7160/01 and 39-7160/06.

This jig assembly is designed for the compression testing of 40 x 40 x 160 mm mortar prisms after breaking in flexure, also for the testing of 50 mm and 2 in square mortar cubes using the appropriate platens. The frame is fitted with a spherical ball seating assembly to which is attached the upper platen.


Note: Compression Jig Assembly shown with platen; not included; order separately.

Description Compression Frame Jig Assembly
ASTM C109 Yes
EN 196-1 Yes

40mm Square Platen Set



Pair of Square Platens 2"


06. For use on both 2" and 50 mm cubes.