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Rock Shear Box Apparatus




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Rock Shear Apparatus

Used to determine the strength and slope stability of rock size max 115x125 mm or cores max. dia. 102 mm, both in the field and in the laboratory.

Complete with two horizontal rams for shear in two directions, vertical loading ram, two bourdon tube load gauges dia. 150 mm with quick release couplings, calibrated 50 kN x 1 kN division, two hand pumps with hydraulic connections and dial gauge 25x0.01 mm.


Description Rock Shear Box Apparatus
Dimensions 600 x 250 x 460 mm
Weight  46 kg 

Mould Former for Rock Shear Box Apparatus


geometry as requested by the shear box.

Pressure Maintainer for Rock Shear Box Apparatus


e specimen and to allow a constant load to be maintained during the test.