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ADR TOUCH SOLO Digital Readout Unit




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Compression Machines Accessories

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ADR TOUCH Digital Readout Unit Accessories

• New touch screen user-friendly interface to reduce set-up and training time.
• Data storage for thousands of results.
• USB data transfer to PC and RS232C printer output.
• High accuracy and test repeatability.
• Select your language for screen prompts: English, Spanish, Portuguese or French.

The ADR Advanced Digital Readout incorporates the latest in microprocessor technology. Its advanced facilities for data acquisition, calculation and presentation provide a very effective upgrade path for your existing compression testing machines.
Procedures are easily executed on the touch-button data entry keypad with results viewed on the large, backlit LCD display.

Accurate load pacing is assured by means of the pace deviation bar graph incorporated into the display. The stress is calculated automatically at specimen failure and then displayed in engineering units. Automatic storage for data for 500 tests is possible. Using the serial RS232C communication port, data can be sent to personal
computers or printers for hard copy printout of the tests.

110-220vAC, 50-60 Hz, 1ø.

This part is available from the US office 

Description ADR Touch SOLO Digital Readout Unit
Transducer Excitation 0.05…10V
ASTM C39 Yes
ASTM C78 Yes
ASTM C104 Yes
ASTM C109 Yes
ASTM C293 Yes



Inputs 1, via standard 5 pin DIN sockets.
Transducer Excitation 0.05...10V @ 5 mA (max.).
Measurement Units Lbf, kN or kgf (selectable).
Accuracy Better than +/- 1% over the calibrated
Display 5.7" (145 mm) high resolution QVGA touch-screen display, incorporating full key pad (QWERTY type)
Dimensions 12.4” w. x 6.4” d. x 6.2” h. (316 x 162 x
158 mm).
Weight Net 7.9 lbs. (3.6 kg).