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C.O.E Cone Penetrometer




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Soil Index Properties, Classification

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C.O.E Cone Penetrometer

  • Reads directly in pounds per square inch (psi).
  • Manufactured in accordance with Corps of Engineers specifications.

The C.O.E. Cone Penetrometer is the principal instrument used in evaluating soil trafficability. It consists of a 30 degree cone with a 1/2 sq. in. base area, proving ring, dial indicator, extension rod and a handle.

300 psi capacity

Shaft Dimensions, diam x l, ” 5/8 x 19
Description C.O.E Cone Penetrometer



Proving Ring 150 lb. capacity; dial indicator calibrated direct in psi,
0 to 300 psi by 5 psi subdivisions.
Shaft 5/8” (15 .8 mm) diam. x 19” l. (483 mm).
Cone 30 degree; 1/2 sq. in.; replaceable.
Weight Net 5 lbs. (2.4 kg).


Pocket Penetrometer.


• Direct-reading scale in tons/sq. ft. and kg/sq. cm.• Ground and polished stainless steel loading piston.• Calibrated spring and penetrometer body plated for rust resistance and long life.• Convenient belt-loop style carrying case.• Optional Adapter Foot for testing very soft materials.The Pocket Penetrometer was originally developed for use by field…