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Combination Soil Analysis Test Kit




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Soil Analysis

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Soil test kits

This test kit measures soil pH, conductivity, N/P/K, magnesium and calcium using simple visual test methods. It is durable, designed for field use and includes:

Pocket conductivity sensor for soil conductivity and soluble salt testing for areas of salinisation concern. Provided in a shoulder bag and hard case containing all components required to commence soil testing immediately.

Visual Testing Hardware: Soil tester for soil pH. Soil tester for nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P) and magnesium (Mg). Double tube assembly for potassium (K). Tablet count container for calcium (Ca).

Electrochemical Testing Hardware:Pocket conductivity sensor for soil conductivity and salinity including calibration standard.

Reagents: Complete reagent set for 50 tests for soil pH, lime requirement, nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium and calcium including extraction and test reagents.

Sample Preparation/Accessories: De-ion pack, soil sample bags, soil scoops, filter funnels and paper, sample container/dilution tubes, syringe, crush/ stir rods, cuvette brush.

Test Kit includes: Soil pH Test, Lime Requirement Test, Conductivity Test, Nitrate Nitrogen Test, Phosphate Phosphorous Test, Potassium Test, Magnesium Test, Calcium Test.

pH Test Yes
Lime Requirement Test Yes
Nitrate Nitrogen Test Yes
Phosphate Phosphorous Test Yes
Potassium Test Yes
Calcium Test Yes
Magnesium Test Yes
Conductivity Test Yes
Description Soil Analysis Test Kit with Reagents for 50 Tests