Conductivity/Temp/TDS Meter with Electrode and Carrying Case

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Conductivity/Temp/TDS Meter with Electrode and Carrying Case




Sub Category:

Water quality testing

Product Group:

Paqualab Test Meters

Hand-held Conductivity Meter with a conductivity range 0.0µS/cm to 200.0mS/cm, TDS range 0.01mg/l to 200.0mg/l, with electrode clip, probe and standard sachets. 

Compact design with built-in, hingeing stand for bench use, IP67 protection level housing, single point calibration with automatic recognition of 3 pre-defined standards, 200 measurement memory, large segmented LCD readout, automatic linear temperature compensation from 0.00% to 10.00%/˚C, automatic or manual end-point recording with audiovisual signals. 

Supplied as a standard kit with electrode clip, wrist strap, instructions, batteries, probe, sealing caps 2 x 1413µS/cm and 2 x 12.88mS/cm standard sachets.


Description Conductivity/Temp/TDS Meter
Model    513-160




0.0µS/cm to 200.0mS/cm

0.01mg/litre to 200.0mg/litre

0.0 to 100.0°C

Calibration   1 point, with 3 pre-defined standards
Temperature compensation Automatic

 Adjustable, 0.0% per °C to 10.0% per °C

Reference temperature  °C 20 or 25 selectable 
Input    LTW 7pin
Power    4 x 1.5V AA alkaline batteries

Overall W x D x H

mm 77 x 33 x 188
Weight  G 260