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Double Ring Infiltrometer Kit.




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Soil Water

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Used for the determination of infiltration capacity above the water table.

Allows synchronous determination of infiltration capacity in triplicate.

A comprehensive kit for the determination of soil infiltration capacity above the water table. The components are manufactured from high-quality materials for exhaustive field use.

514-440 kit comprises;

3 x double ring infiltrometers:

1x inner ring 280 mm, outer ring 530 mm diameter

1x inner ring 300 mm, outer ring 550 mm diameter

1x inner ring 320 mm, outer ring 570 mm diameter

Driving plate with handle for inner and outer rings 

3 x adjustable measuring bridges 

3 x floats with measuring rods

1 x nylon headed hammer

1 x stop watch, 0-30 sec x 0.1 sec accuracy 


Description Double Ring Infiltrometer Kit
Maximum measuring depth 0 cm
Measured parameters  Infiltration ratio 
Reading accuracy  1 mm
Registration type Manual 
Package size 65 x 65 x 50 cm
Weight 56 kg

Driving Plate


tion rings with 280 to 570 mm diameter.