Electrical Hotplate with Integral Magnetic Stirrer

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Electrical Hotplate with Integral Magnetic Stirrer



Bitumen and Tar

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Softening Point

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Ring and Ball Apparatus

Utilises a rotating magnetic field to induce variable speed stirring action. A built-in regulating transformer provides fine temperature control of liquid up to a maximum temperature of +150°C. The unit is suitable for use with the Ring and Ball Apparatus.

  • Circular-top analogue magnetic hotplate stirrer.
  • Speed controls for constant speed (even during load changes).
  • Anti-corrosive ceramic steel plate with excellent thermal conductivity.
  • Long life brushless motor.
  • High magnetic adhesion. 
  • CE marked.


**Not available for sale in the USA**

Description Electrical Hotplate with Integral Magnetic Stirrer
Power Supply 220 - 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz, 1 ph
EN 1427 Yes
BS 2000-58 Yes
Temperature range  Ambient-340 Deg.C
Stirring speed 0-1500 rpm
Max. Viscocity 40 cP/ mPas
Heating rate (1 litre water) 6K/min
Motor type Brushless
Stirring capacity  20L
Plate diameter 5.3"
Plate material  Ceramic coated steel
Dimensions 11"L x 61/4"W x 3"H
Weight 6lbs