Hand Operated Pressure System with Pressure Gauge & Flexible Hose

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Hand Operated Pressure System with Pressure Gauge & Flexible Hose



Triaxial and Permeability

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Hydraulic Constant Pressure Systems

Description Hand Operated Pressure System with Pressure Gauge & Flexible Hose
Gauge MN/m² 300 mm diameter scale marked 0-70 MN/m2



Pump Single piston
Maximum pressure 70 mPa
Gauge 250 mm diameter scale marked 0-70 MN/m²
Weight 14.8 kg


Nylon Tubing 6 mm OD x 4 mm ID 3500 Kpa


use up to a pressure of 3500 kPa. Priced per metre.

Specimen Extruder Bench Mounting Frame for Extruding Specimens From Hoek Cells


need to drain the confining fluid. Incorporates a rack and pinion mechanism mounted in a steel body, with adjustable back plate. Supplied with NX extruder adaptor set.

ELE-Hoek Cell ADR Touch 2000 Compression Machine


• High stability load frame • Calibration accuracy satisfies BS EN ISO 7500-1, ASTM E4This machine incorporates the ADR Touch Microprocessor System. The ADR is designed to minimise data entry during normal testing procedures. These machines are specially adapted for use with ELE-Hoek Triaxial Cells and feature fixed upper and lower platens with locations to centralise the triaxial cell assembly for maximum stability. Power supply: 220 - 240 V AC 50-60 Hz 1 pH

Pair of Permeability End Caps NX supplied with Distance Block


Permeability end caps used with ELE-Hoek Cells and constant pressure systems are a cost-effective solution suited to investigating the permeability of rock at high confining pressures in the laboratory. To collect and measure the water which permeates through the rock specimen, a suitable burette such as 25-4540 is recommended. Each permeability end cap incorporates a tubing connector which accepts standard 6 mm tubing, 26-1926, used to connect the cell to the pressure system and burette.