Heat of Hydration Apparatus

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Heat of Hydration Apparatus




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Heat of Hydration Cement

Designed to determine the heat of hydration of cement to BS 4550.

Comprises of a dewar flask, internally lagged case, constant speed sitrrer and filter funnel. 

Please note thermometer must be purchased seperately. 

For 220 – 240 V AC, 50 Hz, 1 ph.

**Not available for sale in the USA**

Description Heat of Hydration Apparatus
Power Supply 220 - 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz, 1 ph
BS 4550 Yes

Desiccator - Non-vacuum


200 mm internal diameter borosilicate glass. Supplied with perforated zinc disc.

Digital Thermometer and Probe for 0.001 Dec C Resolution


For use with Heat of Hydration Apparatus 38-4600 With probe with resolution 0.001 Deg C Calibration to ISO possible. Measuring range -80 to +300 Deg C Up to 3 connectable sensors and a further 3 temperature sensors which can be connected wirelessly to the meter. Super-size memory for up to…

Digital Thermometer and Probe for 0.01 Dec C Resolution


For use with Heat of Hydration Apparatus 38-4600 With probe with resolution 0.01 Deg C Measuring range -199.9 to +199.99 Deg C Easy to read LCD display. Powered by three 1.5 volt AAA batteries that give a minimum of 2000 hours battery life.   

Electronic Balance - 210g x 0.0001g


Innovative design enables a compact footprint, so it occupies minimal space but retains a high level of performance. The base is formed from a single piece of extruded aluminum, a material that provides superior temperature regulation. The single-piece construction offers greater stability, producing highly repeatable results. The weighing sensor is…

Electronic Balance - 6 kg x 0.1g


Provides fast, accurate weighing in a number of different environments. 

Sieve Brush Nylon


Nylon, double-ended

Silica Gel


Coarse. No hazard. 500 g.

Weighing Bottle


Glass with stopper, 25 x 50 mm diameter x height.

Dewar Flask



Glass Paddle for Stirrer



Mortar and Pestle Porcelain.


Thick walled porcelain mortar; 107mm internal diameter and porcelain pestle.

Muffle Furnace


The unique design of oven door for safe and easy operation to ensure that the high-temperature hot gas will not escape from inside the oven. Inert gas inlet and outlet reserved in the chamber. Micro-computer PID controller: easy operation, accurate, reliable and safe control. Inside lining of fire-door and box…

Porcelain Crucible


30ml capacity complete with lid.