Laboratory CBR, Hand Operated (Metric)

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Laboratory CBR, Hand Operated (Metric)




Sub Category:

Compaction and CBR, CBR

Product Group:

Laboratory CBR, Hand-Operated

Set includes:

EI24-9345. CBR Loading Press x 1
EI78-0860. Proving Ring, 11,200 lb. x 1
EI88-4110. Penetration Dial Indicator x 1
EI24-9229. CBR Molds x 4
EI24-9238. Spacer Disc x 1
EI24-9240. Filter Screens x 4
EI24-9250.Box, Filter Paper x 1
EI24-9260. Swell Plates x 2
EI24-9262. Tripod Attachment x 1
EI88-4110. Dial Indicator x 1
EI24-9245. Surcharge Weights x 4
EI24-9244. Slotted Surcharge Weights x 4
EI24-9063. Compaction Hammer x 1
EI24-9010. Straightedge x 1
EI24-9236. Cutting Edge x 1

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Weight, lbs 337
ASTM D1883 Yes
Description Laboratory CBR, Hand Operated (Metric)

Laboratory CBR, Hand Operated (English)


Set includes: EI24-9345. CBR Loading Press x 1EI78-0860. Proving Ring, 11,200 lb. x 1EI88-4100. Penetration Dial Indicator x 1EI24-9229. CBR Molds x 4EI24-9238. Spacer Disc x 1EI24-9240. Filter Screens x 4EI24-9250.Box, Filter Paper x 1EI24-9260. Swell Plates x 2EI24-9262. Tripod Attachment x 1EI88-4100. Dial Indicator x 1EI24-9245. Surcharge Weights x…