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Le Chatelier Flask



Fineness, Cement

Sub Category:

Fineness, Specific Gravity (relative density) of Hydration Cement

Product Group:

Le Chatelier Flask, Specific Gravity (relative density) of Hydration Cement

For determining the density of hydraulic cement and lime, supplied complete with calibration certificate. Capacity 250ml. Graduated from 0 to 1 ml and from 18 to 24 ml graduations. Accurate to 0.05 ml.

Description Le Chatelier Flask
Weight, oz. 8
EN 196-6 Yes
ASTM C128 Yes
ASTM C188 Yes
E 694 Yes



Graduations Zero mark represents 250 ml, the capacity of the large bulb; neck graduations from 0-1 ml in 0.1 ml divisions with two extra 0.1 ml graduations above the 1.0 and below the 0 marks; bulb portion of neck holds 17 ml; top portion of neck graduated from 18-24 ml in 0.1 ml divisions; 24 ml capacity
Stopper Ground glass
Weight Net 8 oz. (227 g)


Chattaway Spatula 125 mm


rounded end scrapes and lifts materials from bottles and flasks. Fits into tight flasks and bottles with necks ≥ 4mm diameter.