Minitrase Kit with Bluetooth and Android

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Minitrase Kit with Bluetooth and Android




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Soil Water

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The MiniTrase uses Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) to measure instantaneously the volumetric water content of soils and other moist media. A variety of connectors and waveguides for depth measurements ranging from 150 mm to 700 mm are available, and can be used in a portable manner or permanently installed for periodic moisture monitoring. The volumetric moisture content is displayed on the Android tablet, and the graph of the TDR pulse can also be tagged for identification and stored for later viewing and analysis on the tablet or a PC. All stored data can be transferred either by hotsyncing the Android to your PC or via an RS 232 port connection from the MiniTrase to the PC. The MiniTrase unit is designed for rugged field use and is environmentally sealed to prevent damage to sensitive electronic components. Kit includes: Multiplexer card, cables, chargers, Android tablet, and software.

Kit includes:

  • MiniTrase with Multiplexer Card 
  • Android Tablet 
  • Flash Drive with WinTrase and Android to PC Software
  • WinTrase Software on CD 
  • Standard Waveguide Connector 
  • Set of 150 mm long Waveguides 
  • Internal Bluetooth Module 
  • Connector Cable from MiniTrase to PC RS 232
  • Power Supply Unit for MiniTrase 
  • MiniTrase Backpack 
  • Set MiniTrase Operating Instructions on Mini CD
  • Set of 3-Letter Code Instructions 


Description Minitrase Kit
Dimensions 540 x 440 x 380
Measuring range  0-100% volumetric moisture content
Measuring Accuracy +/- 2% FS or better
Operating Temperature 0° to +45°C
Power supply  1.7 amp hr, sealed NiCad battery
Recharge Time (hrs) 12
Auxillary Power Input 18 V DC, 2.2 amp AC
Connecting Ports BNC (waveguide connection) DB-9 Serial (data transfer) DB-15 Multiplexer (multiplexing) Power (8-pin DIN)
Memory   256 Kb, capacity for  180 graphs/5610 readings
Measuring Pulse Amplitude 1.6 volt peak
Sampling Resolution 10 picoseconds
Hardware 5 slot card cage: 3 system boards, 1 optional slot, and multiplexing board
Weight (kilos) 7